AKA Storm Ting’s Kunder

A ragtag group of adventures find themselves, whether they like it or not, drawn into the intrigue surrounding the reappearance of giants. Will our heroes heed this call to adventure, or allow the small-folk of the Sword Coast to be crushed under(giant)foot? Will Veller’s sneaky ways protect him from harm, or will his past come back to haunt him? Can the life cleric, Fanta, heed the goddess Liira’s wishes to protect all living things? Or will her carefree ways get everyone killed? Will Verity Took’s unpredictable wild magic be the downfall of her enemies, or of herself? Will paladin Shogar Musclesong’s incredible strength and confidence lead to victory for Kord, or a foolhardy, preventable death? Can Silaqui fulfill her druidic calling, or will her shady dealings pull her further and further off course? Only time will tell…

Storm King's Thunder

D_Emma Storm king s thunder banner